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What happens at a science fair?

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Science. Science is what happens at a science fair.

When I hear “science fair” I imagine a school gym full of smart people doing smart things that I could never imagine doing. There are lab coats, test tubes and beakers, and a lot of talk of “hypotheses,” “data,” and “observations.” aaaand I’ve fallen asleep.

But hold on! This science fair I’ve imagined isn’t the whole story! I’ve done some digging and it turns out “science” is more like an approach for understanding the world than it is anything to do with certain equipment or clothes.

Humans are curious things. Even if you think you hate science I bet there are lots of questions you’d like to know the answer to. Just sitting right here, I’m thinking:

❓ Could my dog outrun an Olympic sprinter?

❓ My Grandma says she gets grumpy when it’s windy. Is that possible, or is she just always grumpy?

❓ Why can’t I cook a 20 lbs. turkey in the microwave?

What are some of yours?

There are a lot of ways you or I could try to answer these questions, but science gives us an approach that, most people agree, is the best way we’ve found of getting as close to the truth as possible.

Maybe a science fair is for you?

If you’re on the fence, don’t decide just yet! But think about what kind of questions you have as you go about your day. You could explore questions like those, then tell everyone what you found. At the STEAMXcape 2024 science fair, you can do it with the support of adults and friends while also learning skills you can use for the rest of your life – no lab coat or beakers required.

Until next time!

Do you have some great ideas but you’re not sure how “science” can be applied to them? Check out the SPDSS Mentors page here to schedule a chat.