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What do we know so far?

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(The kind of science fair my parents used to have)

Last week was my first week of this blog-posting-marathon that will lead us to the 2024 Lakeland Regional Science fair (🤩STEAMXcape 2024🤩). Lets have a quick recap of what we talked about and where we’re going:

STEAMXcape 2024 is coming to St. Paul, April 13th
👉 It’s part science fair, part tech conference – bringing together students, educators, schools, and businesses to Portage College in St. Paul.

👉 The science fair is for students in grade 4-12 with those in grades 7-12 having the chance to go to the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Ottawa.

What we’ve learned about science…
🦖 It’s an approach for understanding the world around us.

🦖 It’s good at answering questions which can be investigated by measurement, observation, experimentation, or analysis.

🦖 It can’t answer all questions.

About science fairs…
🤯 They don’t have to be all about lab coats, beakers, and fancy words.

🤯 Lots of the questions you’ve already been thinking about – even silly ones – are great topics for a science fair.

A science-fair compatible question…
💫 Is one that isn’t about matter of preference or taste.

💫 Should probably avoid moral or philosophical issues.

💫 Passes the “Well, actually…”-guy test.

Are you still unsure about joining the science fair?

Well then, I still have work to do!

Stay tuned, because in the coming week I’m going to be talking more about:

  1. What you can expect at a science fair.
  2. The possibility of avoiding all this “scientific question” business and just building something cool.
  3. Other resources on the web that can help you on your science journey.


Until next time!