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Virtual St. Paul

Minecraft for Education: Sustainable St.Paul



Miss S.

Course Preview

5.00 (5)



6 weeks

1 hour sessions



6 challenges

Portage College
St Paul Campus

About Course

The Minecraft for Education program, titled “Building Virtual Sustainable St. Paul,” is a six-week immersive experience designed to engage students in the concepts of sustainability, environmental consciousness, and community development. Through the popular Minecraft platform, students will have the opportunity to apply their creativity and problem-solving skills to construct a virtual town that embodies sustainable practices.

The program spans six sessions, with each session focusing on a specific aspect of sustainable development. Each session typically lasts for one to two hours, allowing students ample time to explore, build, and collaborate. 

Throughout the program, students will collaborate, problem-solve, and think critically as they work together to build their virtual sustainable town. They will also have opportunities to discuss and reflect on the importance of sustainability in real-world contexts, gaining a deeper understanding of environmental issues and their role in creating a sustainable future.

The Minecraft for Education program, “Building Virtual Sustainable St. Paul,” aims to inspire and empower students to become agents of change by fostering an appreciation for sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. By engaging with these challenges, students will not only develop their digital literacy and creativity but also cultivate a sense of responsibility towards their local and global communities.

Course Curriculum

01. Build a sustainable home

1 hour

Week 1

In this challenge, students will design and construct eco-friendly houses that utilize renewable energy sources, energy-efficient materials, and water conservation techniques. They will learn about sustainable building practices and consider the environmental impact of their creations.

02. Build Sustainable Power Sources

1 hour

Week 2

Students will explore different renewable energy options such as solar, wind, or hydroelectric power, and create power stations within the virtual town. They will experiment with optimal placements and configurations to maximize energy production while minimizing environmental impact.

03. Build a recycling center

1 hour

Week 3

This challenge focuses on waste management and recycling. Students will develop a recycling center where they can sort, process, and repurpose different types of waste materials. They will learn about the importance of recycling and its role in reducing landfill waste.

04. Build a Sustainable Farm

1 hour

Week 4

Students will design and develop a sustainable farm, implementing organic farming methods, water conservation techniques, and environmentally friendly practices. They will explore concepts such as crop rotation, companion planting, and sustainable pest control.

05. Build a water cleaning plant

1 hour

Week 5

This challenge centers around water conservation and purification. Students will create a water cleaning facility that filters and purifies contaminated water sources. They will learn about water pollution, conservation methods, and the importance of access to clean water.

06. Build a Landmark

1 hour

Week 6

In the final challenge, students will construct a visually striking landmark that represents the essence of a sustainable community. They will incorporate elements of sustainable architecture, renewable energy, and ecological balance, showcasing their understanding of sustainable development principles.

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Class Mentor

Class Mentor

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