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The Lakeland Regional Science Fair – STEAMXcape 2024!

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Chris and two of his dogs in the back of a truck bed, full of straw.

Put on your lab coat and tape-up your glasses...

Hello everyone, my name is Chris 👋


My goal for the next couple of weeks is to convince you to join the Lakeland Regional Science Fair:

💥STEAMXcape 2024!💥

What is “STEAMXcape 2024”? It’s a science fair taking place in St. Paul on April 13th. But, it’s also an event bringing together universities, teachers, local and national businesses, and students like you – all coming together to teach, learn, and celebrate STEAM.

Who am I? I am a (adult) member of the St. Paul and District STEAM Society (SPDSS) and naturally I think science is pretty great. Just last year I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree and if I were to pick only one favourite thing in the world, it would be “computers” – just all of them. In any shape or form. I live out in the country with my wife, dogs, and chickens.

Who are you (the reader)? Ideally, you are a student somewhere between grades 4 – 12 and you, like me, also love science. Or, maybe you’re just science-curious, that’s ok too! Or, perhaps you are an adult who knows of such a student and you’d like to learn more so you can pass along this information.

Uhh.. What’s STEAM? Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. You know, all that stuff that the world needs to function.

So, stay tuned, as I will be making near-daily posts between now and the science fair (April 13th) to get you motivated, give you ideas, answer questions, and help you through this journey.

Talk again soon!

Really excited to get going? Do you have burning questions about the science fair that need answers now? Check out the SPDSS Mentors page here to schedule a chat.