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St Paul & District Innovation Lab

A joint venture of SPDSS with Portage college

St Paul & District Innovation Lab is a creative and innovative playground that provides St. Paul & District residents with a space where multidisciplinary teams can collaborate on ideas proposed by local businesses, industry, and the community. With 36% of our population aged over 50, there is much that our community can gain from the experience of older adults. 

The lab will serve as a safe space where older Adults can participate in activities, fostering intergenerational communication and a sense of scientific community between youth and older Adults. Additionally, the lab will offer opportunities for younger adults to learn computer science, which will enable them to provide training and support to our elders’ community.

St Paul District Innovation lab will open its doors in april 2023

Our Programming

Minecraft for Education

 Join us to do creative builds in the world of Minecraft for Education. Our flagship program of “A Virtual sustainable St. Paul” covers important sustainability concepts applied to smart homes, alternate sources of power, smart farms, recycling centers and wastewater treatment facilities. Furthermore, kids get to build their own international space station or try to survive on Mars. We instill important concepts of Maths, Science and Engineering through the world of Minecraft.

Minecraft for Education

STEM & Robotics

STEM education will enable students coding and innovating in no time.

Join us on a path to the future with courses and workshops on Electronics 101, Robotics through Microcontrollers, Building Drones and Self-Driving cars.

Research and Innovation Opportunities

Research and innovation activities help children develop an understanding of scientific principles and an appreciation for the role of technology in society. They also spark an interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, which are becoming increasingly important in today’s rapidly changing world.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Business & Entrepreneurship courses and workshops will help kids with creativity, problem solving, independence, responsibility. It encourages financial literacy, promotes self-confidence and a sense of purpose. To prepare the kids for hackathons, innovation sprints, we will be offering micro-mini credential courses (several weeks long) to teach business technology skills to young people.

Individual Registrations will open by last week of March 2023

Please register your kid at the following link

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