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St Paul Interdistrict Science Fair 2022-2023

Must Read

1. An individual may be involved in only one project. Group projects may consist of only TWO STUDENTS. If two students are from different grades, the project will enter the competition based on the student in the higher grade.

2. Your project must comply with Ethics and Safety Regulations (form attached below in red). The participant and parents must confirm these have been read and understood by signing the Ethics & Safety form. These forms will be submitted with the project abstract.

3. Questions regarding any aspect of the fair should be directed to your SCHOOL COORDINATOR. If you don’t know your coordinator, please send an email to

4. SPDSS reserves the right to disqualify, or expel from the fair, any project that has breached the rules, safety regulations, animal use guidelines or includes plagiarism.


 I have registered the project on SPDSS website at

 I have read and signed the Ethics & Safety Form

 (if applicable) I have obtained permission on INFORMED CONSENT FORM form.

  For Grade 7 -12, I have created my project on My Stem Space. Instructions are here My Stem Space – Registration (Secondary)

For all grades, i have downloaded the Project Abstract Template and will submit it by Jan 16, 2023 

Registration Deadline

Register on
Dec 31, 2022
  • Registration on SPDSS

Abstract Submission

Jan 16, 2023
  • Project Abstract Deadline

Final Submission

Grade 7 - 12 Projects
Feb 17, 2023
  • Project Abstract
  • Final Submission

Final Submission

Grade 1- 6 Projects
Mar 17, 2023
  • Project Abstract
  • Final Submission

St Paul Interdistrict Science Fair 2023

April 4, 2023 at 5:00 PM
  • The fair will happen on April 4th, 2023 5:00 PM at Portage College
  • Final Submission