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SPDSS Science Fair 2023 will be held in mid – February. The registration for students begins by November 18th, 2023.You can Register for a project space by End of November


Instructions for registration will be shared with your teacher.

Get Started:


Solo or Group

You need to decide if you are doing project on your own or in a with a partner? You can have one partner. It could be with another grade as well, but your project will entering the competition based on higher grade of the two of you


Ethics & Safety:


Before starting, you need to check that your project will be safe and ethical. Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Are you planning to observe, survey or test any people – including students, family, or friends?
  • Are you planning to observe or test any kind of animal, or use animal/human tissues?
  • Are you planning to use any equipment, materials or organisms that may be hazardous?