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The Lakeland Regional Science Fair is only 66 days away (as of February 7th); the Canada-Wide Science Fair 108 days away. For the past two weeks I’ve been talking about how to come up with potential topics for the science fair, hoping you would find an idea that really gets you excited. Now, with 2 months before the science fair, I’m going to start really encouraging you to fill out our Expression of Interest form (if you haven’t already).

"Express interest" - no commitment! (yet)

In order to participate in the Lakeland Regional Science Fair (🤯STEAMXcape 2024🤯) you need to sign-up before March 1st. This will be a two-step process, but for now we’ll just worry about step 1: The Expression of Interest form –

Step 1:
Whether or not you already have a science fair idea or are unsure about participating – please fill out the Expression of Interest form:

This helps us know how many people to expect and lets us generate some excitement around the amazing people and projects we’ll be hosting.

This helps you because we’ll know you’re working on a project, allowing us to help you (if wanted). It might also act as a “commitment device” – a way of encouraging yourself to see something challenging through when you know your future-self might want to give up.

Step 2:
I’ll cover the final registration with Youth Science Canada at a later date.

A review of the past two weeks

So, what are you waiting for?!

Let us know you’re thinking about joining the science fair by filling out the form here:

If you have questions you want answered you can sign up for a 30 minute chat with one of the science fair mentors here:

Another option is to email us at:

For the next couple of days I’ll be trying to persuade the few hold-outs that the science fair is the thing to be doing.

Until next time,