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Minecraft for Education

Minecraft sessions

We use the popular video game, Minecraft, specifically the Education version, to help students learn about science in a fun, interactive way. We get the students to use what they've learned in their science classes to solve problems in the game. For example, they were asked to build a virtual sustainable St.Paul in the game that had smart homes, clean energy production, sustainable farming, recycling center, water treatment plant and a monument to complete the whole community planning, using their knowledge of resources, energy, and the environment.

Join us to do creative builds in the world of Minecraft for Education. Our flagship program of “A Virtual sustainable St. Paul” covers important sustainability concepts applied to smart homes, alternate sources of power, smart farms, recycling centers and wastewater treatment facilities. Furthermore, kids get to build their own international space station or try to survive on Mars. We instill important concepts of Maths, Science and Engineering through the world of Minecraft.

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Minecraft Workshops

Building an Aquarium

Aquariums captivate the imagination, inspiring curiosity about the aquatic world and the intricate balance that sustains it. Using Minecraft as our platform enables us to engage in this exploration in an interactive, hands-on manner. Participants can exercise their creativity while also learning about important scientific concepts, making the learning process much more enjoyable and effective.

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Minecraft for Education

Building Artemis II

The primary objective of this workshop was to teach children the basics of rocket science, mission control operations, and teamwork, all within the context of Minecraft.
The Minecraft for Education – Building Artemis II workshop took place over two weekends and saw an enthusiastic participation of 24 kids. The workshop aimed to foster an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) among the participants by using the immersive environment of Minecraft. The project involved constructing a Mission Control Center and a Rocket, mirroring the real-world Artemis II mission.

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Wisdom & Wonder

Wisdom & Wonder is a special extension of our Minecraft for Education program, crafted to celebrate and bridge the intergenerational gap. This unique initiative invites older adults, many of whom are over the age of 50, to join young learners in the virtual landscapes of Minecraft. Here, both age groups collaborate to build and problem-solve, combining the time-tested wisdom of the older generation with the fresh, tech-savvy perspectives of today's youth. Through the interactive and imaginative world of Minecraft, participants construct everything from virtual sustainable communities to engineering marvels. This creates a harmonious dialogue between the generations, with older adults sharing life lessons and insights while youth introduce them to the possibilities of modern technology and sustainable thinking. Wisdom & Wonder isn't just a program—it's an investment in creating a more empathetic, connected, and skilled community

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