Lakeland Regional Science Fair 2024

The brightest minds in North east Alberta under one roof

Grade Levels

The science fair is open to all grades.  Junior, Intermediate and Senior Projects would be eligible to be competing at the National Science Fair held by Youth Science Canada.

Project Categories

Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food:

Projects that contribute to food security, sustainability, or competitiveness in the agriculture, fisheries, or food sectors


Projects that focus on improving our use of current energy sources, transitioning to alternative energy sources, or reducing our energy footprint

Digital Technology

Projects that improve quality of life or transform existing products or services through digital devices, methods, or systems

Natural Resources

Projects that contribute to the sustainable management, use, reuse, or recycling of Earth’s finite or renewable resources.

Health & Wellness

Projects that focus on disease prevention or promote various aspects of well-being, such as physical, social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, or intellectual.

Disease and Illness

Projects that contribute to our understanding, diagnosis, or treatment of diseases, or the management of physical or mental illnesses.

Environment and Climate Change

Projects that aim to preserve the quality of air, water, soil, or biodiversity, or manage the impact of climate change

Curiosity and Ingenuity

Projects that contribute to the understanding or problem-solving in an area of STEM not covered by other challenges