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Lakeland Region Science Fair – Entry Rules

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πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ Eligibility & Participation:

Grade Bands for Participation:

    • Elementary: Grade 4-6
    • Junior: Grade 7-8;
    • Intermediate: Grade 9-10;
    • Senior: Grade 11-12


  • Explorers’ Stream πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬

    • Target Group: Grades 4-12 students exploring science.
    • Team Composition: Up to 4 students per project. For mixed-grade teams, the grade of the older student determines the category.
    • Focus: Ideal for newcomers; encourages experimentation and learning.
    • Reason to Join: Freedom and fun in scientific discovery.
  • Challengers’ Stream 🎯

    • Target Group: Grades 7-12 students aiming for higher competition levels.
    • Team Composition: Up to 2 students per project. For mixed-grade teams, the grade of the older student determines the grade band.
    • Focus: Prepares for Canada-Wide Science Fair, adhering to specific standards.
    • Reason to Join: Compete and possibly advance to nationals.

🐾 Research Protocols:

  • Projects involving animals or humans require LRSF Safety and Ethics Committee pre-approval.
  • Human-participant projects must include signed Informed Consent Forms in the logbook.
  • Non-conforming projects will be disqualified.

πŸ” Project Types:

    • Discovery: Answering scientific questions.
    • Innovation: Solving problems or improving existing solutions.

πŸ”₯ Safety & Ethics (Mandatory for Challengers’ Stream)

  • Mandatory committee approval for projects involving animals or humans.
  • Strict adherence to Youth Science Canada safety and ethics standards.

πŸ“’ Project Documentation (Mandatory for Challengers’ Stream):

  • Maintain a detailed logbook (dates, observations, results).
  • Submission must include an abstract summarizing the project.

πŸ’‘ Presentation:

  • Require a visual display (board, models, demos).
  • Electronic displays (like slides) are optional.

πŸ“Έ Media Consent:

  • Participation implies consent to use select details (name, age, grade, school) and media (photos, recordings) for LRSF purposes.

🚫 Exhibit Restrictions:

  • One exhibit per participant per year.
  • No repetition of past projects; only new or expanded research is evaluated.

βœ’ Project Originality:

  • Projects must be original; plagiarism results in disqualification.
  • Previously winning projects are ineligible.