Building Artemis II


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Inspiration Behind the Project

The awe and wonder associated with space exploration have always ignited the imagination of both the young and old. The idea behind this workshop was to tap into this intrinsic curiosity and fascination that children often have about the cosmos. Through a platform as engaging and interactive as Minecraft, we aim to make education a joyful and memorable experience.

We chose the theme of rocket building for this week’s session as it encapsulates the spirit of human innovation and exploration. Rockets are not just vehicles; they are testaments to what humanity can achieve when curiosity meets science and engineering.


Our project, ARTEMIS: Rocket Build in St. Paul, is named after NASA’s Artemis II mission. ARTEMIS II represents a significant step in humankind’s return to the Moon and beyond. It is the first crewed mission that will orbit the Moon without landing before safely returning to Earth. This mission aims to set the stage for future human landings and eventually a sustainable human presence on the Moon.

Much like the Artemis II mission, which serves as a stepping stone for future lunar and Mars missions, we hope our Minecraft workshop will be a stepping stone for our young participants. We want to ignite their passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and who knows, perhaps inspire the next generation of astronauts, engineers, or space scientists.

Workshop Specifics

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