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fish in reef aquarium

Building an Aquarium

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Inspiration Behind the Project

If the first week of our workshop ignited the imagination towards the skies, week two brings us back down to Earth to explore the mesmerizing world under the water. Aquariums are more than just containers of water; they are small, self-contained ecosystems that offer a glimpse into an otherwise inaccessible world. By building an aquarium, we aim to teach important principles of biology, ecology, and the interconnectedness of life.

Aquariums captivate the imagination, inspiring curiosity about the aquatic world and the intricate balance that sustains it. Using Minecraft as our platform enables us to engage in this exploration in an interactive, hands-on manner. Participants can exercise their creativity while also learning about important scientific concepts, making the learning process much more enjoyable and effective.

About Building Aquarium in St. Paul

The theme for the second week, “Building Aquarium in St. Paul,” aligns with key curriculum points from grades 3 to 5, focusing on topics such as rocks and minerals, plant growth, and wetland ecosystems. The project is designed to offer practical experience with these topics, allowing students to see how they are interconnected in the real world.

We designed this week’s BUILD Challenge to be a fun and educational experience. Participants will have the chance to build their own virtual aquariums, complete with various types of fish and aquatic plants. In doing so, they will learn about the basics of maintaining an aquatic ecosystem, which includes understanding the roles and importance of both plants and animals in such environments.

Sparking Future Curiosity

We hope this week’s workshop will serve as a springboard for our young participants to dive deeper into the wonders of biology and environmental science. Whether they become marine biologists, environmentalists, or simply more informed citizens, we hope this experience will leave a lasting impression.

Workshop Specifics

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