05 April
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Lakeland Regional Science Fair

African American female chemist during scientific research in a lab.

Discovery Projects: The Quest for Knowledge

These projects are all about answering a scientific question. You might start with a hypothesis and then design experiments to test it. Essentially, you’re contributing to the broader scope of human knowledge. This could be anything from “How does the concentration of a reactant affect the rate of a chemical reaction?” to “What is the impact of sleep on academic performance?”

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fish in reef aquarium

Building an Aquarium

Aquariums captivate the imagination, inspiring curiosity about the aquatic world and the intricate balance that sustains it. Using Minecraft as our platform enables us to engage in this exploration in an interactive, hands-on manner. Participants can exercise their creativity while also learning about important scientific concepts, making the learning process much more enjoyable and effective.

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Building Artemis II

The primary objective of this workshop was to teach children the basics of rocket science, mission control operations, and teamwork, all within the context of Minecraft.
The Minecraft for Education – Building Artemis II workshop took place over two weekends and saw an enthusiastic participation of 24 kids. The workshop aimed to foster an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) among the participants by using the immersive environment of Minecraft. The project involved constructing a Mission Control Center and a Rocket, mirroring the real-world Artemis II mission.

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