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Minecraft for Education

Join us to do creative builds in the world of Minecraft for Education. Our flagship program of “A Virtual sustainable St. Paul” covers important sustainability concepts applied to smart homes, alternate sources of power, smart farms, recycling centers and wastewater treatment facilities.

Research & Innovation

Join our workshops and explore the scientific method, where your ideas and curiosity can lead to groundbreaking innovations.​

Biusiness & Entrepreneurship

Discover how to “Transform Ideas into Reality, Fueling Success and Growth!” Our program offers mentorship, networking, and funding opportunities to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey. Take the leap towards a thriving future!

Robotics, stem and steam

Dive deep into the fundamentals of electronics, mastering essential tools and techniques, then shift gears to explore the dynamic field of Robotics, unraveling the mysteries behind autonomous technologies and drone mechanics.

Lakeland Regional Science Fair

At the Lakeland Regional Science Fair, students from various elementary and secondary schools will have the unique opportunity to participate in an inquiry-based, hands-on learning experience. Through their innovative projects, they will address important scientific questions and present creative solutions to real-world challenges.