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April 23, 2024

Lakeland Regional Science Fair

The Lakeland region marked a historic milestone with its first independent regional science fair, Lakeland STEAMXcape 2024, held at Portage College in St. Paul. Organized by the St. Paul & District STEAM Society (SPDSS), the event featured 30 innovative projects from students across Conseil scolaire Centre-Est, St. Paul Education, Northern Lights Public Schools, and Wisdom Homeschooling.

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At SPDSS, it's not just about learning; it's about embarking on an interstellar journey through the cosmos of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Imagine workshops where robots come to life, camps where rockets soar into the sky!

Welcome to the town of landing pad

About Us

Imagine a super fun place in Lakeland, Alberta, a place where science and imagination dance together, where technology whispers secrets of the future, and where the mysteries of engineering and mathematics unfold like an unfolding galaxy. Thats us! Come explore with us!

We’re on a mission to defy gravity and lift our young astronauts to new heights. With only 40% of our young stars charting a course to higher education, compared to the 50% in bustling space cities, we’re turbocharging our efforts. Picture national science fairs where young minds shine, workshops where skills are forged in the heat of academic supernovas, and collaborations with local business planets that create a universe of opportunity.


We use Minecraft to teach you big science ideas in a way that’s easy to understand and fun to learn. It’s not just sitting and listening; it’s playing, building, and creating. You won’t even realize you’re learning because you’ll be having so much fun!

20 Seats
Portage College/
Your School

At SPDSS, we’re all about making learning tech stuff like building robots, coding in Python, exploring AI (Artificial Intelligence), digging into Machine Learning, and unraveling the mysteries of Blockchain, super exciting and super hands-on!

10 Seats

Welcome to the coolest new program by SPDSS, where we turn your big ideas into amazing businesses! It’s like a playground for your brain where you can dream up new things and learn how to make them real.

Future scientists and inventors! Get ready to dive into the most exciting event around – the Lakeland Regional Science Fair brought to you by SPDSS! It’s like a carnival, but instead of rides, you get to showcase your super cool science projects.

Lakeland affiliation with CWSF Youth Science Canada

Keynote Speeches

Guest expert speakers on various topics in STEAM


hands-on workshops for educators/parents/students in STEAM

Science Fair Exhibits

Sciece Creativity expressed from students Grade 4 to Grade 12

panel talks

Panel talks from experts and decision makers about the future of STEAM for our kids

Affiliation with the Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) brings numerous benefits to the St. Paul & District STEAM Society enhancing the region’s scientific and educational landscape.

Here are the key advantages

1. Enhanced Opportunities for Students

  • Access to National Competitions: Students in the Lakeland Region can participate in the prestigious Canada-Wide Science Fair, competing with their peers from across the country and showcasing their scientific research on a national stage.
  • Scholarships and Awards: Participation in CWSF opens doors to a variety of scholarships, awards, and recognition that can support students’ academic and career aspirations.
  • Exposure to Advanced Science and Technology: Students gain exposure to cutting-edge scientific research and technological innovations, inspiring them to pursue further studies and careers in STEM fields.

2. Improved Educational Resources

  • Professional Development for Educators: Teachers and mentors in the region benefit from training and professional development opportunities provided by Youth Science Canada, enhancing their ability to support and guide students in their scientific endeavors.
  • Access to Curriculum Resources: Schools in the Lakeland Region receive access to a wealth of curriculum resources and best practices in science education, enriching the learning experience for students.

3. Community and Network Building

  • Collaboration with Other Affiliates: The affiliation fosters connections with other regions and science organizations across Canada, facilitating the exchange of ideas, resources, and best practices.
  • Increased Community Engagement: Local science fairs and events stimulate community involvement and support, creating a culture that values and celebrates scientific inquiry and innovation.
  • 4. Economic and Social Impact

    • Attracting Funding and Sponsorships: Being an affiliate of CWSF can attract funding, sponsorships, and grants from businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations, supporting local science initiatives and projects.
    • Boosting Local Economy: Hosting regional science fairs and related events can boost the local economy by bringing visitors to the area and increasing demand for local services and businesses.

    5. Inspiring Future Generations

    • Encouraging STEM Careers: By providing platforms for students to explore and excel in science, the affiliation helps nurture the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators who can contribute to the region’s and the nation’s future.
    • Promoting Lifelong Learning: The emphasis on scientific inquiry and critical thinking encourages students to become lifelong learners, equipped to tackle complex challenges and adapt to a rapidly changing world.

    6. Environmental and Sustainability Benefits

    • Focus on Sustainability Projects: The region can promote and support sustainability-focused science projects, contributing to local and global environmental efforts.
    • Raising Awareness: Participation in science fairs can raise awareness about important environmental issues and inspire community-wide action towards sustainability.

Our Program features

Aligned with Alberta Curriculum

Our programs and workshops are aligned with Alberta's curriculum

Flexible locations

Our programs are not only based at Portage College; we're super flexible and fully mobile, ready to bring our dynamic learning experiences directly to your school

Expert Instructions

Participants receive guidance from experts, enhancing the learning experience.

Hands on Learning

We emphasize hands-on learning to foster practical skills and engagement.

No Evaluation Stress

We focus on learning without the pressure of formal evaluations.

Community Focus

Our programs are deeply community-focused, designed to build projects that positively impact and contribute to our community, fostering a sense of collective growth and shared success

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Please reach out to us; whether to ignite a spark of curiosity in your young learner, to fan the flames of a teen’s passion for innovation, or to simply navigate the educational resources available. Our communication channels are always open, offering you a bridge to connect, collaborate, and create a brighter tomorrow alongside your child

Keynote Speeches

Guest expert speakers on various topics in STEAM


hands-on workshops for educators/parents/students in STEAM

Science Fair Exhibits

Sciece Creativity expressed from students Grade 4 to Grade 12

panel talks

Panel talks from experts and decision makers about the future of STEAM for our kids