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SPDSS is a non-profit organization hosted at Portage College St Paul Campus dedicated to promoting STEAM education in Lakeland region of Alberta. We aim to become the largest and most integrated scientific community in Canada. 

Our Programs

We have 4 different streams. Check them out below

Grade 2- Grade 6


Minecraft for Education

Join us in "Building a Sustainable Future, One Block at a Time!" Embrace the power of Minecraft for Education and unlock your creativity while learning about science and sustainability.

Grade 5- Grade 12



SPDSS offers comprehensive STEM programming in Robotics, Python coding, AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain. Through innovative teaching methods, students engage in hands-on, experiential learning to tackle real-world challenges. We offer workshops, after-school programs, and summer camps that foster practical skills and deep understanding of complex concepts

Business & Entrepreneurship

Grade 6 - Grade 12

Discover how to "Transform Ideas into Reality, Fueling Success and Growth!" Our program offers mentorship, networking, and funding opportunities to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey. Take the leap towards a thriving future!

Research & Innovation

Grade 6 - Grade 12


Join our workshops and explore the scientific method, where your ideas and curiosity can lead to groundbreaking innovations.

Lakeland Regional Science Fair

At the Lakeland Regional Science Fair, students from various elementary and secondary schools will have the unique opportunity to participate in an inquiry-based, hands-on learning experience. Through their innovative projects, they will address important scientific questions and present creative solutions to real-world challenges.